10:55 AM

A message from Tom Jackiewicz, Keck Medicine CEO on March 27

To our valued patients,

As the COVID-19 situation intensifies, we continue to face unprecedented times. Every day, it seems, we must adapt to an ever-changing new reality. 

In this time of uncertainty, we want to reassure you that Keck Medicine of USC is taking every precaution to protect your health and offer the same superior and compassionate care we always have.  

The measures we have already put in place, such as screening all patients, visitors and staff at all of our locations and isolating patients with viral symptoms at a special screening location, are working very well and ensuring the safety of both our patients and health care workers.  

We also want to update you on some new measures we have enacted for your ongoing care as well as thank you for your support of Keck Medicine: 

Telemedicine: Thank you so much for turning to virtual visits for many of your health care needs. In the past two weeks alone, our health system initiated 5,000 telemedicine appointments, the majority of which were not for COVID-19 symptoms. Please continue to use telemedicine for medical consultations so you can receive excellent care without leaving your home. 

Temporary Clinic Closures: We will close some clinics due to the increased telemedicine visits and to conserve protective gear for our health care workers treating COVID-19 patients. Please check our website for a current status of clinic closures. 

Donations: Like all health care facilities, we may face a shortage of protective gear for our health care workers. We are lucky however, that we can draw on the vast resources of USC to help fill the gaps. Several schools and departments have stepped in to donate supplies as well as come up with creative ways to make protective gear such as 3-D printing of face shields from our engineering school. In addition, we are very thankful for you, our community, for responding to our on-line request for donated supplies. If you would still like to donate, please email us at DonateProtectiveGear@med.usc.edu. or visit our website. Thank you again for this tremendous support. 

In the days to come, we will continue to make necessary adjustments to keep you, our health care workers and our community safe. Please visit our website regularly for up-to-date information. 

While the future may seem uncertain, please know that one thing you can count on is Keck Medicine. As health care providers, we are prepared and trained for times like this, and we will be here for you now and in the future as together, we see this crisis through. 


Tom Jackiewicz 

CEO Keck Medicine of USC